Ellen Reichart is a multi-media artist who works in two and three dimensions. She is inspired by her reverence for nature, the impact of relationships and patterns that connect. Reichart works from memory and dream images and is drawn to the challenge of merging inner and outer worlds.Her work focuses on the sacred within the physical, the awakening tension between physical and spiritual, and the interplay of emotion. An expressionist, Reichart uses painting, printmaking sculpture, and mixed media to converse in color and texture.Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Ellen Reichart studied at Milwaukee School of the Arts and Cardinal Stritch College. She continues to study and explore diverse media and techniques with other artists.A resident of Port Townsend, Washington for over 30 years, Reichart has shown extensively in the Northwest and collaborated with artists, poets, dancers, musicians, and performing arts groups creating set design, monumental sculptures, and thematic projects. She has taught art to children and disabled adults. Her work is in private collections in the United States and Europe. She was a recipient of the Centrum Foundation Artists in Residency Program.As a member of Art Dialogue, Reichart worked with seven other artists interested in the process of creative participation between peers. Quantum physicist, David Bohm’s ideas concerning dialogue was a focus of departure for the Art Dialogue group and a reference point for their exploration in communication. An example of one of their explorations entitled “Emerge, Transform, Renew” was an exhibit of each artist’s personal response to the experiences of renewal and awakening. “The delicate shrine-like work of Ellen Reichart reflected the fragile unfolding of new growth”.  View her resume.