As a multi-media artist, Ellen Reichart works in many dimensions.  Her imagery reflects her life appreciations.

“My work is about merging inner and outer worlds – the sacred within the physical, the tension between the physical and spiritual. I am inspired and challenged by my reverence for nature, the impact of relationships, and the constant nuances and light patterns of the Pacific Northwest.  I am interested in the shadowy places at the point of contact, clouds upon hills, wind ruffling fur, the stretch of fingers, a haunting expression, fog that embraces leaving behind a moment of clarity,” she states.

For her monotypes, she paints with oil base inks on a plexiglas plate and achieves different effects by adding or removing inks or drawn images from the plate.  Then the plate with paper is run through a printing press to produce an image. She may consider this complete or she may alter or refine it with other media.

I allow experimentation and dream images to guide me during the printmaking process.   I love the surprise each time I pull the paper from the plate and a reversed image emerges.  Though most of my prints are monotypes, I often run the same paper through the press multiple times after adding or removing inks and shapes from the same plate.”

Before I WakeMovement and texture are prominent in Reichart’s works. When painting with oil on canvas, she often adds wax to some of the layers which gives an illusive quality to the paintings.   “The build up of paint and found materials also allows me to carve or draw into the surface,”she explains.

“Multi-media is a way to combine all of the techniques I’ve experimented with over the years. Discovering the unexpected is a way for me to make tangible what otherwise would vanish,” states Reichart.